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We would love to get to know you. Please tell us who you are. 


  • prc_Bethprc_Beth Posts: 24Moderator, Information Specialist Information Specialist
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    Hi! I'm Beth and I'm a part of the Information Specialist Team with the Paralysis Resource Center.
  • alexwoodsfamilyalexwoodsfamily Posts: 1Member
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    Hi I have a 47 year old son who was hit by car on12/5/2014 n left a quad with tbi. He is currently in a nursing home about an hour from us. I am hoping to learn more about coping with his condition. He is totally angry n refuses almost everything that can help him  He spent almost year at VA facility b4 coming home. The accident was him trying to help multiple crash victim n being hit by car n landing block away on face.  Look forward to learning more about coping n possible help for him.  I am excited to be a part of this community. 
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    Hi. My name is Robin. I was paralyzed from a car wreck in 2004. I finished my degree, worked and stayed very active since I became a paraplegic. I did not receive rehabilitation after my accident and therefore like to help newly paralyzed individuals any way I can.
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    Hi!  I'm the mom of a 23 year old son who was injured 9/10/17, so we are still very new to the SCI life and have soooo many questions about it all.  He is a C7, T5/6 injury and is medically a quad.  He has use of his arms, but limited use of his left hand (about 20%) and about 80% use of his right hand.  He was extremely active pre-injury, and had gotten into weight lifting and hiking.  He now does nothing but read and watch podcasts.  I can't get him out of the house except for 3 days a week at the gym.  He has basically quit living outside of the room we made for him by converting our carport.  I am desperate for him to connect with others, and yet I know he has to want it himself.  He wants to be independent, but doesn't really work at it (like I think he should).  I didn't realize that this website could be a source of help for me so I'm excited about exploring the website and seeing all that it has to offer.  The wonderful ladies of WAGS of SCI have been helpful, even though I'm a mom and not a wife or girlfriend :)

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    I am a newly paralyzed paraplegic please share your thoughts if I can get disability benefits?
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    @Crucker I really enjoyed reading your last blog
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    Thanks, Garrisonredd. Appreciate it.
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    Hello all☺...My name is Brandon and I've been a T4 complete for 20 yeras. I fell off a 50ft ledge at my 5 year class reunion. I've been active for many years but most days I sit in bed and watch tv. I had a bad reaction to an antibiotic called Gentamicin that killed the cells in my inner ears and now I stay dizzy. This happened  New Years Eve  (of the new year it's not even been 2 months yet). So on top of being paralyzed I'm constantly dizzy😠..I'm like a pinball bouncing off the walls when I go down the hall..HAHA. I have a healthy sense of humor and stay happy 99% of the time. Please feel free to message me of you want to chat. 
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