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Your Morning/Evening Care Routine

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We recently had another WAG of SCI message us asking about care routines and what we did/didn't do for our partners. We thought it was an amazing idea for a Reeve Connect community post!

Every couple is different - some use a care-aid/nurse on a daily basis, some do it all themselves, some have partners who don't need any assistance at all with the care aspect but may help out in other ways. Whatever your routine is, if you have found something that works for you and your partner, we want to hear about it! How do you participate in this life with your partner?

There are many reasons why other WAGS of SCI are interested in learning about what other couples do for their care routines: it could be that they want to learn new tips and techniques they may not know about; maybe they're new to this lifestyle and need more information; they want to relate and find other women who have similar care routines as them; or they may want to just see what other couples do during their daily routines for interest sake. Whatever the reason, we can ALL learn from one another and after all - isn't this the point of Reeve Connect? There are so many women out there with information and resources that can help others out tremendously!

Let us know YOUR care routines!

Comment below with:
- Your partners injury level
- Your morning and evening routine: do you have nursing? What steps do you take to ensure he's properly taken care of as far as bowel routine and bladder? How often does he shower and do you shower him?
- Any tips you have for a faster more efficient morning routine? we all want to know!
- What equipment do you use for your care routines? What could be done better?

Thanks ladies and gents :) - Brooke (WAGS of SCI)

Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


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    Jacob is a T11/T12 incomplete. 10 years post-injury. Does not work. Typical day routine Monday-Friday.
    7:30 - wake up to Bob & Tom
              change catheter (he uses and external condom style) and switch from bed bag to leg bag
              put on clothes (he sleeps naked - less things for his tube to get tangled in and therefore less leaks)
              plays on phone and checks social media
    8:00-8:30 - gets into wheelchair
                      has breakfast (usually a Belvita or a pack of Buddig and a string cheese, occasionally a protein shake)
    9:00 - listens to Bob& Tom or a podcast and plays video games (PS4 is his system of choice)
    12:00-1:00 - makes lunch (always a chicken thigh and rice) and watches some TV    
    Non-bowel program days
    1:00-3:30 - gym (he has a personal trainer who works with him one on one, they do a combination of strength training, stretching, and cardio)
    4:00 - shower (he showers himself using a self-propelled shower chair)
    4:30 - reads a book, naps, or watches tv
    5:00-6:00 - eat dinner
    6:00 - does the dishes
    Bowel program days
    1:00-3:30 - bowel program (he does this himself)
    4:00 - shower (he showers himself using a self-propelled shower chair)
    4:30 - reads a book, naps, or watches tv
    5:00-6:00 - eat dinner
    6:00 - does the dishes
    6:30 - watches tv (except on Fridays, then he games with his brothers and army buddies)
    11:00 - goes to bed (but usually reads, watches tv, or plays on his phone for an hour or so)
    Rinse. Wash. Repeat. - Jacob has a pretty severe TBI and routine helps with his memories issues a great deal. Weekends are whatever goes except for his bowel program. That's always at the same time (every other day). 
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