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The WAGS of SCI (Wives And Girlfriends of Spinal Cord Injury) is a sisterhood and support group for women with partners who have sustained spinal cord injuries. Founded in 2017 by Elena Pauly and Brooke Pagé in Vancouver BC Canada, the groups mission is to "empower women supporting their partners in chairs" and functions to connect other women like them all over the world so no one will ever feel alone again. WAGS of SCI’s goals are to support, encourage, and create a community surrounding the unique perspective of women who have the dual role of caregiver AND lover to their injured partners. This is a place where no topic is off limits; where thoughts - good or bad- can be discussed without judgement; where goals can be achieved; where love is celebrated, and where our issues are valid. WAGS of SCI hosts numerous events around North America with "WAGS of SCI Ambassadors" chosen by the founders to lead these meet-ups in their own cities. Join us as we break barriers and challenge stigmas, while empowering other women as they support their men!
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