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SPOTLIGHT; LEO PERGSON; Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on June 11, 2018  SCI Spinal Cord Injury "See US" Community" On July 11, 1961 after Diving Accident in Kern River Bakersfield CA/ Compression C-2 through C-6 Injury Complete Quadriplegic/ Now after (57) Years Living a Better "Quality of Life" as a  Long Term SCI Spinal Cord Injury- With my Mothers Love and Family "Never Give Up Attitude" If you have any question you may have SCI Spinal Cord Injury/ Whether Acute or Long Term SCI Spinal Cord Injury/ I call "SCI Down Time"  Being a Quad (57) Years since 1961 don't make me an expert on your family who is now today living a very personal complicated life/ living and suffering from an SCI Injury/ but if I can give you any advise/help on how your family can live "day be day" searching for a better and somewhat helpful way of life to help in any way to make it easier on facing a "New SCI day" for people to get to "See US" & "Know US" who are living in a very different "Quality of Life" but searching for the same needs for new SCI Medical Research Technology/ Let me share some part of my SCI life with you/ In 1962-1964 living in Casa Colina Rehab Center Pomona California/ I roomed with two other Complete SCI Patients/Lester/Terry/ we shared our SCI Lives/our Families/ we "Slept in same ward and "Knew Each Other" "Laughing/Crying/Sharing "OUR SCI" Lives/but what I took away from all that/is that we became a Community of SCI patients/and that's what this SCI Community is all About/Trying to make OUR Everyday SCI Lives/Families Just a Little Bit Better than the "Day Before" Taking each SCI step "Day at a Time"/ "Laugh/Cry/Love/" I will Give all I have to try & share with you my life & Dreams that may help you "SEE ME" "SEE YOU" "SEE US" in a search for a Better "SCI/ Quality of Life" Leo Buddy Pergson/Willows CA/


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