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    I shared this post back in March, but wanted to re-share in case anyone missed it and might be interested in these support groups. 

    Hello! I am writing on behalf of our nonprofit, the Center for Chronic Illness, a nonprofit organization that offers free, professionally-facilitated support groups for those impacted by ongoing health challenges. Thanks to a generous grant from the Reeve Foundation, in February 2020, we piloted two new support groups, one for individuals living with paralysis and one for their loved ones and caregivers. These programs meet monthly and offer a safe place to talk about the challenges of living with paralysis or caring for someone living with paralysis. You can learn more about our web-based support groups and sign up here: https://www.supportgroupscentral.com/CCI. To sign up, follow these steps:
    1. Visit https://www.supportgroupscentral.com/cci
    2. Click on the “Not Yet a Member” link or “Member Login”
    3. Click on the “Organizations” tab and scroll down to confirm that Center for Chronic Illness is a “Favorite”
    4. Click on the “My Favorites” tab where you will see a list of upcoming meetings organized by your favorite topics and organizations.
    5. Select the meeting you want to join and click on the “Register” button.
    6. You are now registered and can view your upcoming meeting from the “My Meetings” tab or the Dashboard on the left of your browser window. You will also be reminded of your meeting by email and an in-system notification when you are logged in.
    I've attached the fliers below for these two support groups. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions. Please note our organization is based in Washington-state, but anyone living anywhere can attend our support groups. 

    August 4