For Immediate Release Contact: Jason Leuck [email protected] Paraplegic Entrepreneur Introduces the Cushpocket™ Smart, Stylish Storage Solution for Wheelchair Users Nebraska — 6/28/2019 — Today, 38-year-old entrepreneur and paraplegic, Jason Leuck, announced the launch of a new, smart wheelchair storage solution designed to help those living with paralysis keep their valuables at their fingertips. The innovative wheelchair pouch is called the Cushpocket™. “I created the Cushpocket™ because I was always dropping, losing, or forgetting my keys, wallet, catheters, and other valuables, and I didn’t like any of the products I found that were supposed to help wheelchair users carry their stuff,” said Leuck. “These products were always big, bulky, cumbersome, and not cool.” The Cushpocket™ is easy to use, stylish and a perfect fit for almost any wheelchair with a removable seat cushion.  “It’s the perfect size for your most important valuables,” said Leuck. “Plus, it has a large ring-style zipper pull that makes it easy to open and close.” Mr. Leuck noted that he created the Cushpocket™ because he loves inspiring independence.  “I don’t let my disability hold me back,” said Leuck. “And I want to see others living with similar challenges roll farther and achieve their dreams.” Mr. Leuck noted that people living with paralysis too often go unseen for who they really are. “I’m married to my love, best friend and biggest inspiration, my wife Jessie who is a quadriplegic. As a couple, our dreams and goals keep us busy working on projects, traveling, and exercising in our therapy gym. When I’m not helping Jessie with her photography, I work on inventions and designs that provide solutions to our unique challenges and the challenges that other people living with paralysis face every day,” said Leuck. “I am more than my paralysis.” For more information on Cushpocket™, you can visit


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