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Hello, 10 years ago I was in a severe car accident, that left me with a C7 incomplete injury. Plus a left hand deformed from a hospital mishap, which makes transferring myself mostly impossible.  My husband of 45 years is my caregiver and a blessing.  God has blessed with so much, children, a home and belongings that I know most people don't have.  He also blessed us with a sense of humor, which living with paralysis, you must have a sense of humor.  I found when going to group therapy that there were so many different attitudes toward their injuries; loneliness, sadness and anger.  I realized that, that was not me.  Am I angry at the guy that ran the light, yes.  Am I sad because I can't stand or walk, yes. It is strange to find yourself lonely, not because you have no family, but you feel isolated some how when your in a wheelchair. But I realized I have never been one to give in to any of those, its always been take it all in and move on from it.  So, I with the help of my husband and God have moved forward.  Sure there are days when loneliness, sadness or anger may enter my life, but don't let it consume you.  It will only close you off from the world.  We enjoy traveling, God has blessed us with a vehicle that allows us to travel the back roads of this great country.  We do some camping which is always a challenge, but then staying in a hotel is a challenge.   You book a room with a roll in shower only to find out its been given to the old and slow.  Nothing is more frustrating when you get told I'm sorry.  Or you get to your room and its not the one with the roll in shower. This becomes a teachable moment, because most staff do not know what a roll in shower is.  A few times when my husband has said, there is no bench in the roll in shower and he gets told what does she need a bench for, she has her wheelchair, another teachable moment.  Luckily, I am married to a McGyver.  He usually finds a table or chair out on the pool deck.  We have learned to travel with our own handheld shower for these reasons.  Roll in shower with a bench but there is a showerhead that you can only get to if you stand underneath it or a hand held shower but the length does not reach the bench.  Teachable moment, ice buckets filled with water can make a great shower.  I think one of the greatest mistakes hotels make is in all of the handicap rooms the beds are a foot or more higher than the wheelchair, even if I could transfer myself the sliding board would not work.  I think they do it on purpose, so you won't come back.  They can't stop us from enjoying life, just laugh and live on.  We have complained to management and to their headquarters, pretty much just get a I'm sorry letter.  Has anyone else. had these problems?  I'd like to hear about any suggestions you may have.  Also any places you have been that have or have not been accessible.  Any suggestions on Utah, our next adventure?   So many places to discuss that have inspired me to talk about the accessible and un-accessible.  Live each day for that day, remember yesterday means you lived and survived another day with your disability.


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